Claire’s Journey

For several years I worked as a primary school teacher and I loved it. The long hours and constant low to high level pressures and unrelenting workload were worth it. I loved working with children and feeling a commitment to helping them learn and develop was very fulfilling. Over time stress chipped away at my system, it had an unrelenting way of pushing my mental and physical limits too far.

Everyone knows when stress can be good, you can bounce back, you can push through it, the adrenaline it produces can help you achieve more. Unfortunately it can also seriously weaken resilience. When emotional relationships and life circumstances also become difficult, as humans we can begin to break down. Unless we have ways to top up our resilience, our mental and physical health can suffer.

We all need to stop, pause and think. Is life pushing me too hard? Do I need help? Do I need some support? Can I keep going at this pace ?

One year all areas of my life became difficult. Physical, emotional and workplace difficulties plus the culmination of seventeen years in the teaching profession; I found myself experiencing severe bouts of anxiety, depression and a sense of isolation. I felt that I just wasn’t good enough because I was unable to always keep going. I was shutting down and no longer taking in everything around me. My inner survival instinct, my self – preservation, was telling me to escape. If the only escape was through mental -health problems my system was going to take that.

THINK about how bombarded you may feel and give something back to yourself.

But this is a dangerous place to get to, one which many people are in and often afraid to admit how they are not really coping. In reality I had neglected my own needs and my own wellbeing just to keep on top of the job, on top of life.

Society and workplace are not always sympathetic to others who aren’t really coping. Why? Because of our deep seated fears that we could so easily fall through the coping net ourselves. So many of us are in the automatic pilot zone and have lost touch with our real sense of how we are feeling, we don’t know if we are really feeling balanced and well we only know we are getting through what we need to.

It’s alright to feel you can’t do everything, it means you are doing too much.

Thankfully I didn’t get to the mental health crisis level, I knew I had a powerful tool I had to keep using to get me through the difficulty. This tool was reiki. In my efforts to do everything else I had forgotten to use it enough- as a daily practice.

I began using Reiki again, every day self-administering, sending, talking about it, all this helped me build strength and resilience and to see the bigger picture. I quickly felt I could cope with anxiety. I felt I could deal with my sense of isolation, I started feeling less under pressure. I saw a way out of a tunnel of stress and into something happy and manageable. In about a week things got so much better. Within three weeks I was coping. Then I was planning how to use this system of healing to take me to the next level of development in my career. I was bouncing back and not only that I was seeing how not to fall into the trap of getting so ill and overwhelmed in the future.