Carnival Wellbeing Open Day

On Wednesday I was really fortunate to take part in the Wellbeing day at Carnival UK, Southampton. I have been going to the Carnival UK central office for several months now to offer Reiki. This clinic is becoming really popular and I have some really wonderful clients who I look forward to seeing on a regular basis. 

The Wellbeing Day began with a literal blast of energy and talent with the cast of dancers and singers from the Academy singing songs from, “The Greatest Showman”.

My Workplace Reiki stall was so busy all morning – absolutely buzzing with interest! It gave me a great opportunity to talk to employees about Reiki and its benefits. It was fantastic to get support from my regular clients who came along to chat and recommend me to others. Over twenty people attended my ‘Introduction to Reiki’ talk and treatment demonstration. 

Thanks to my wonderful model Brittany for helping out and talking about her experiences of Reiki. The positive way that Reiki has been accepted within the corporate environment at Carnival is so reassuring and feels like a real triumph. As I was describing the way Reiki works and how it affects the recipient; I felt that people are beginning to be much more willing to see Rreiki healing as a credible and effective tool for well being support.

It is even better when easily booked and available in their workplace during the working day. Several people booked in with me that day, a mix of those that were new to experiencing Reiki and others who had had some previous experience of Reiki.

Carnival strengthened its commitment to Health & Wellbeing by designating a specific room for holistic and Wellbeing treatments. This in itself gives an extremely powerful message, that this support of employees is here to stay.

I was able to discuss booking a times for the next six months at Carnival with a flexible approach to increasing the frequency of Reiki clinics if there is an increasing demand.

Big thanks to the organisers especially Claire, Daniel, and Helen who are the Wellbeing Support Team.

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