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I have just read the wonderful article by Maria Mander in “Resonance” the quarterly magazine of The Reiki Federation. Maria is clearly really passionate about bringing Reiki to the workplace, as well as using her skills as a Life Coach and a Mindfulness and Meditation Tutor in order to support her clients.

I totally agree with her, that providing a “fresh holistic approach to treat mind, body and spirit,” is the way forward in creating a more holistic approach to Wellbeing in the Workplace.

a bold move that requires courage

Maria Mander

That is why offering Reiki to employees is so significant. As she explains it is a bold move that requires courage. People will generally opt for a massage or yoga session, but as she also points out that this treatment is fundamentally successful in promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety and in promoting healing in the mind and body.

Therefore once people have understood the principles and practice of Reiki they are willing to try it. I am so pleased that she notices such a positive change in her clients and is able to see the benefits of them investing personally in their own Health & Wellbeing.

I feel I am so blessed to also be on this journey and hopefully Maria and I can get together to discuss how we are bringing Reiki into the workplace. I am sure I have lots to learn from her experiences and her approach.

Recently when I was at the Carnival UK Wellbeing day I noticed so many people were interested in the option of actually being able to access this treatment in their workplace during the working day. It’s clear that support is really needed for employees and that they’re interested in trying Reiki and in learning about its benefits for themselves.

Like Maria, I am also beginning to hear from my clients about the changes they are experiencing. They are seeing Reiki as having changed their approach to many aspects of their lives.  Recently one client said “I feel so much better since having Reiki. I don’t know if I could have coped so well over the last few months without your Reiki treatment.” This is so satisfying and why I believe therapists like Maria and myself will be only more in demand in the workplace in the future.

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