Why Workplace Reiki

Why offer reiki in the workplace?

Success equals a happy productive workplace. Success equals less time lost through employee illness and a place where staff feel valued and respected. Successful businesses look after their staff. They do this through showing staff they are valued.

Show your staff they are valued – lead the way

Offer reiki in the workplace

Keep your workforce happy. Directly address the causes of stress and anxiety in the workplace. Go further, create an environment of support and show you care. Wellbeing support is not a perk it’s a proven financial necessity. According to the Mental Health Foundation report 2016; “Better mental health support in the workplace can save some businesses up to 8 billion a year.”

The statistics are staggering; according to the U.K. Health and Safety Executive 25.7 million working days were lost through ill-health in 2016/17 . This problem of days lost to mental health issues has rocketed in the last three years and continues to rise. According to the latest Labour Force survey 49 per cent of these days were lost due to stress, anxiety, depression or a culmination of these factors. Muscular/skeletal problems were the other highest reason for working days lost with 31 per cent connected to this. As a workforce we are dealing with an epidemic situation. Prevention is seen to work. However small your business workplace stress will cost you money lost through days absent and lower productivity.

Lead the way by caring and supporting staff IN THE WORKPLACE.

Offering staff the option to have a reiki treatment at work says so much to your employees and it will make a difference to the workplace environment. It says that you care about them and their wellbeing. Not through words, vouchers or promises. Through right there, right now, investment in health and wellbeing. It happens there and you are doing this for them!

Allowing your staff the opportunity to stop and have a healing rebalancing treatment like reiki will create a sense of a caring supportive workplace. One that every member of staff will comment on and see sets their workplace above the rest. It shows their employer values them highly. It will undoubtedly help staff cope with stress, anxiety and workload.

Most people say that reiki has a wonderful relaxing and balancing effect on them. They can have one treatment or regular treatments it depends on the individual’s preferences.

Reiki – in the workplace

I believe in reaching out and helping people in the place they spend the most time- the workplace.

Reiki can be administered sitting or lying down with hands placed on the client or directly above the body. Any fairly quiet work environment can be appropriate although a separate room is an advantage. The reiki practitioner will need a suitable place to discuss healing and re-balancing needs with the client. For workplace reiki, clients need to be away from distractions such as telephones or computers, ideally where they can relax. An efficient 30 mins is usually sufficient for a workplace reiki treatment.



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Get in touch and let me come in and discuss with you how I can implement reiki in your workplace.

Previous to your workplace reiki day I will come in to give a short talk (30 mins) about reiki,(free of charge) and will demonstrate what I will be doing. This should encourage employees to try the treatment knowing the benefits of reiki and understanding what it is.