Reiki for your Staff

How can you support your employees practically with Reiki?

Offering reiki will send a very positive message to your workforce.

I will come in to give a talk about Reiki and demonstrate the treatment to your staff, (free of charge).

They will then be given the opportunity to book a Reiki treatment during the working day.

This gives a wonderful message to your workforce. They are valued and you want them to have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing stress reducing treatment during the working day.

Alternatively treatment sessions can be incorporated into a work day schedule, a lunch break or before and after work. A thirty minute treatment can have powerful and very positive effects.

Please look at my Benefits of Reiki page to see the full benefits of using Reiki regularly. The treatment will benefit your staff on a physical and emotional level which will undoubtedly be discussed amongst the workforce. The experience of enjoying such a positive treatment will create a sense of being valued.