Workplace Reiki treatments last 45 minutes for the first treatment and subsequent treatments last 30 minutes.

I will fill in a simple consultation form and you the client will have time to discuss any specific needs or areas of concern. This of course will be completely confidential. It is useful to have this information and notes will be added about each treatment to your form. This way a clear record of your treatment history can be kept.

There are no contraindications to Reiki, meaning there are no reasons why someone cannot have a Reiki treatment. If you prefer to sit rather than lie down (as this may be more comfortable), this does not change the effectiveness of the treatment. Some people may prefer not to be touched and this is fine, as Reiki can be just as effective when administered with hands held a few centimetres above the body.

After the first treatment, I will be able to explain where the energy was most needed and whether I feel any further treatments are necessary. Some clients only need one treatment others may benefit from three to four treatments over a short period of time. For workplace reiki clients may see that reiki can be used as a physical and emotional maintenance treatment, helping them cope with the demands of a fast paced working life.

During the treatment you will most likely feel relaxed and may even fall asleep, this is fairly common. Quiet relaxing music will be played unless you prefer silence. There is no requirement other than to lie/sit quietly. Many people experience warmth coming from the practitioner’s hands. You may feel calm and a sense of warmth in certain areas of the body. The experience is gentle as the reiki energy moves around the body.

After the treatment it is good to have a drink of water and to sit calmly for five minutes before leaving the treatment room. It is then completely possible to continue working and completing your normal work duties.

I will be able to explain what happened during the treatment and any insights that occurred. I will make suggestions as to how to positively encourage further balancing and healing.

I will be available through text to discuss the treatment and to answer any questions after the treatment.